Monday, 19 July 2010

Last night we played Leeds at a venue called The Northern Monkey. The gig was organised by Kev Trotter of The Beat Surrender website


Now I dont know about anyone else but whenever we play a venue I am always looking around for a room either upstairs or downstairs where the bands are to play.

The bands that play at The Northern Monkey play to the right of the front door which is awesome as the gig was free!

First on were Jonny Go Get Em who are an acoustic trio. I always ave reservations about following an acoustic act as we typically open with our heaviest song (Daniel Treasure) which always leaves me with visions of people that have just enjoyed half an hour of gentle acoustic singer songwritery running for the door with their fingers in their ears!

Fortunately everyone was already congregated by the door while we were setting up which made me think "well they are already half the way out"

To my utter surprise as soon as we started playing the room filled up with people watching us,foot-tapping,head nodding and even dancing!

It was super-awesome!

We remembered to take our merch with us this time also


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