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Kidnapper Bell Interview Katie UNwin

As many of you may know Katie Unwin is the person that mans our rather humbling fansite over here

And Here

We asked her some questions in an interview type stylee!

can you describe Sheffield in 5 words

I can and will!
Perfect. For. A. KB. Show.
Nuff said.

What is your favourite superhero and why

I always seemed to prefer the villains to be honest!

When I was little, I had an unhealthy Spiderman obsession, though. I met a guy dressed up as him in Universal Studios FL. when I was like 5 and almost crapped myself because I thought he was the real deal! [Marvel Super Hero Land owns!] Then I got all depressed when my spiderman hand shooty web thing came out like the rock hands every time I tried to do it. THEN I got all happy again because he gave me a free hat with him on it - WIN! So I guess he could have been one of my favourites. Other than that I guess Batfink, purely because of the catchphrase, "MY WINGS ARE A SHIELD OF STEEL!" I had kind of a Wolverine phase, too...but then again he's an X-Man so I don't know if he counts. Yes. I was a MASSIVE tomboy/big fat nerd as a kid - hence the length of this answer. If I had to pick one it'd have to be Spiderman just because we go way back!

What is the best "Best Of" album there is

Ever? In the world? EVER!? For me, it's going to have to be blink-182. I recommend it fo anyone who is trying to get in to them. I know it's kinda typical of me to say something like blink, but I always really enjoy that album, and always have. It has a really good range of their songs on it! Including, "What's My Age Again?" which I've always thought you guys should cover. That Christmas song, "I Won't Be Home For Chistmas" at the end is brilliant, and that whole album frequents my summer soundtracks/mix CDs! Having said that...NO...must not ramble. blink-182. Final answer. Yes. Moving on. Swiftly.

What is the music scene like in Sheffield? Is there an over abundance of one type of music or is it pretty diverse?

Sheffield has a great music scene. I guess you just have to dig for it. I mean, it's not like right there in your face, but it's not like we don't have one. Obviously there are bands like The Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Reverend And The Makers, Little Man Tate and Def Leppard who are really big. Funny story about Def Leppard, actually! - My friend's Dad was in a punk band called, "The Sick" when he was at school and they did a battle of the bands at which Def Leppard [then only a splattered fly on the windshield of the music scene] offered to support. They were turned down by, "The Sick" - in their faces! ANYWAY! There are also some other great bands like;

All The Damn Kids
Cuckoo Clocks

And they rock some socks.

Also for some reason we seem to have hella cover bands. Not sure why.

I think, as far as diversity [the old old wooden ship] goes, we do have a small urban scene with bands like, "The Red Eye Knights", but nowadays it's mostly indiepop. Take a walk up Division Street and it won't be long before you reach "Bungalows and Bears", Sheffield's inide/scene kid lurking hole. I avoid. I do. I did venture in there once on behalf of you good people, though.

We do, however, have a huge selection of other amazing venues that I more frequently frequent frequently like Plug, Leadmill, Corp, O2 Academy, Forum, The Bordwalk, Dove and Rainbow, West Street Live and many others! Jus' sayin'! Tramlines Festival every year kicks some ass! We also had one of the most well known nightclubs in Northern England called Gatecrasher until it had to close due to a fire in 2007 [I remember it shutting! It was on the news and everything. Bad year for us, was 2007. We were flooded out!]. Booo!

If you had to live on a desert Island for the rest of your life then what 5 albums would you take.

Only 5!? Yikes.
Wait a second...what would I play them on? I mean, it's not like there's a plug socket on the island?
*Suspended disbelief*

The Great Outdoors - Kidnapper Bell.
[Because I take that everywhere anyway and I couldn't imagine not having it on hand.]

Remains - Alkaline Trio [It has a DVD for extra entertainment!]
My Dinosaur Life - Motion City Soundtrack.
Greatest Hits - blink-182.
[There are a fair few tracks on these, so that would muder some time. I also love these bands.]

Astro Coast - Surfer Blood.
[I can see that making great island theme music! I could chill under a palm stree with a pet monkey, eating a coconut and getting a sun tan while listening to, "Take it Easy" - Yum!]

I guess if I could have a 6th, I'd take "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" by Arctic Monkeys to remind me of home.

Also I'd have to have your new EP airmaled to the island when it's done because it is sounding KILLER! :)

can you think of an image that is more joyous than a dog with his head out of a car window going at 40MPH (the most fun a dog can have)

Yes! That exact image, with this song playing:
Reminds me of a movie I like called K-9. The dog in that movie was a German Shepherd and his name was Jerry-Lee! The ending scene is exactly like that, only it's a soft top car and he has a lovely girlfriend dog next to him. Good times in dog land.

That's the most fun a dog can have.
The most fun a Katie can have is when she's in front of her favourote band playing, "The Way It Goes" at 40MPH :)

Who would make the best Satnav voice(I personally would go for Christopher Lee)

Did you know there was a site where you can actually download those?
Who knew!

Hmm... I think Ozzy Osbourne would make a crap one! it'd be all, "Mumblemumble f*ck this mumblemumble...right...mumblemumble...left" by which point you'd be face deep in a river or something!

Mr. T would be hilarious. "TURN RIGHT 'FOO! AN' TREAT YO' MOTHER RIGHT!"

But the best SatNav voice for me would be Morgan Freeman. Aw, yeah. "Get busy turning left, or get busy turning right...then go straight on!" OR FREAKING ADAM WEST! OH MY GOD! ADAM WEST!

Who is taller (and better at everything) Liam Cole-guitarist with Kidnapper Bell or Sheffield person Sophie Wigfall

Liam, you're a meanie! That's a meanie question. Meanie! Today we were debating about this again at lunch, during which Sophie totally backlashed into my hard earned coffee. Not happy! So Liam at the moment. However, I have promised her a measuring at the next Kidnapper Bell show. You may be better at lighting candles than her though, Liam. She takes hours! Poor Keith. She reckons she's 5"10, and you reckon you're 5"10. So we'll have to see, won't we.

Would you rather live a lifetime as a worm or a day as a tiger

Tiger, please.
See what I did there!? You see!? SEE!? Medal for Katie.
Then again, if I lived as a worm, this could be my theme song: which could be really cool! I love that freaking song. Also there'd be no fur hunters chasing me down! Hmm...neither of these animals can operate a computer, so I couldn't FOKB which would make me a sad worm or tiger. If I had to pick, I'd go tiger as they're badass!

Favourites(and why)

I love those Mexicans and their way of making food that's good for the whole family! Ever been to a Chili's? Phwor! I love me Also I'm famous for going shopping with my Mum just so I can secretly buy a coconut and then eat the whole thing to myself later. Yummy coconut! PiƱa Coladas are the best with coconut shavings on top!

CoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffee! Black, milky, iced, Starbucks, Costa, all kinds shapes and sizes. I have more coffee than blood on my body. As my friends say, "There's just too much blood in your coffee stream, Katie!" I think I might actually have a coffee problem. I drink waaaay to much! It's scary. Oh well. Sleep when I'm dead, I guess. The people at Starbucks know me by name and order. It's funny, I walk in the door, they see me coming, and my order is usually almost ready by the time I reach the counter!

Raymond because I've had him for three years and still don't know what he is exactly!

Scrubs, The Inbetweeners, The Office [both English and American versions, although I tend towards the American one], The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd, Gavin & Stacey and more that I can't think of at this time.

Snail racing. Haha no. Baseball! I love it! Every year I go to a game or two in the states. My team is the Tampa Bay Rays. I remember when they were called, "Tampa Bay Devil Rays", but not anymore! I also remember when Tropicana Field had a ray touch tank, again - no longer! [Come on you Rays! Freaking Yankees at the moment are beating us! Why can't why just get lost!? Grrr!]

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy. I can speak that entire movie from start to finish, I've seen it so many times. I don't think there can ever be a movie to beat its one liners. My friends and I can go a whole day just talking in quotes from it. I won't even begin to list all the lines! I also like films like Juno and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. You know the kind I mean, those little homemade looking ones with awesome soundtracks. Ferris Bueller's Day Off will always be one of my favoruites too! Oh yeah, and every Nightmare On Elm Street film ever made [3's the best!].

I once met a Mr. Wan-Kin. I had bite marks in my lip later that day from where I'd tried to keep from laughing as he introduced himself. So that's probably going to take the favourite name award.

Driving song (we realise that you cant drive)
Yeah!? Well I realise you can't...uhm...So's your face!
Gonna have to go with The Passenger by Iggy Pop. It's good because I am the pasenger. The Siouxsie And The Banshees cover is pretty bitchin' too!


Twilight or Star Wars
There's a great video Natalie took of me pretending to play this at school on the keyboards back when we used to piss about in the music rooms after school in year 8. Those were good times. These are good movies. Twilight sucks. Ed-Weird! StarWars>Twlight! I read the books and thought, "okay fine whatever" then they got huge and I was like, "Ugh. Nein!"

Live Music or Youtube
Live music tastes a lot better. It's like a BBQ of flavour! Sorry. That food question made me hungry. I effing love BBQ's!

Myspace or Facebook
MySpace all the way! Facebook is waaay over rated. I had MySpace before, I shall have it after. MySpace is where some of the best bands lurk! Unfortunatey if you want to speak to anyone anymore, you're forced to use Facebook. I'd much rather be without it! Did you know that once you're on there, you can't delete it without taking it up with the staff - only deactive it. Sneaky buggers!

Medu or Island Bar (moderate in-joke)
I love you guys so much! "(moderate in-joke)" what legends. Alright then. Let's just say that I've never ventured into the depths of Medusa, and so I shall say The Island. Just because I've seen you play there. Maybe you should play to all the lovely people in Medusa next, eh?

Arena gigs or smaller more intimate gigs
The smaller the better! Arena gigs are cool and all, and I've been to some...but smaller gigs will always be best. Especially sneaky over 18 rock nights with you guys! I'm a hardcore sneakfest on legs.

Tv or Books
Hmm...this is hard. I love reading, but TV, I's TV. I'm going to be awkward and say neither, it's radio all the way!


If KB got the chance to support any band in the world, and they wanted you to choose who they should support. Who would you say?
I'd have to be nice and say Grammatics while they're still going. Just because I know Liam would love that!

If KB got the chance to record songs for the entire soundtrack of a film, what sort of film should it be for?
A ferret zombie filled dance extravaganza with some light romance and maybe even a cameo appearance from Mr. James Bond. They're just too fantastic and their music is of too epic proportions to stick to one simple genre. On a side note, if they ever needed a director for said film...*raises hand*

If KB could collaborate with any band in the world (except from Grammatics) who should they collaborate with, and why?
Well, I wouldn't have said Grammatics again. Liam already had his moment back on the first question you asked. So let's see...hmm. Well personally, I'd really love to see them with someone I really love like Motion City Soundtrack or Alkaline Trio, but also I've always wanted them to cover a Dead Milkmen song, and Keith loves those, so two birds one stone. Dead Milkmen.

If you could promote from any other band (other than KB) who would you promote for?
Kidnapper Bell :)
*Breaks the question rules NO CHAT BACK BLACK MAGIC IDDST!*

What would you rather have as a pet: Ninja Ferret or Psyhco Weasel?
Ninja Ferret for sure! I couldn't deal with the emotional strain attatched to looking after a psyhco weasel and end up killing it before it killed me! I'm a trained Ninja, though - and so would have no problem if the ferret turned nasty!

If KB could cover any 5 songs, what would they be, and why?
One Week - Barenaked Ladies. I want to see if Keith can keep up with the words. It's one of my favourite songs, too!

It's The End Of The World As We Know It [And I Feel Fine] - REM. Again, one of my favourites and I've just always thought they'd do that song well. Not sure why.

What's My Age Again - blink-182. Always wanted them to cover this. Who knows, maybe if they ever play a show on my birthday I could sneakily ask for that as a birthday present!

Skyway - Apples In Stereo. They'd do this well. I know they would. I waaant them to cover it now!

The Macarena - Los Del Rio. - Why not, I say!

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