Sunday, 26 September 2010

Recording Diary (Falling & Laughing)

Yesterday we finished recording vocals for Falling And Laughing.

We made plans to be at the studio at 11am

Jen said that she would be ready to go at 10.30

10.45 - Jen has yet to emerge. I text her simply the word "Woman?"

10.47 - Jen phones me and does her oft thing of acting like shes been doing something super productive (not just talking to her cats which we all know is the truth)

For Jens Tardiness I force her to listen to the Egyptian Hip Hop EP all the way to Keiths house

Egyptian Hip Hop Pictures, Images and Photos

11.00 - We get to Keiths house. He is running late due to the purchase of a shed and the king of the shed people not informing him that he needs a base for his shed before it is fitted to his garden

12.12 - After getting to the studio and setting up. Liam Begins recording essential guitar overdubs

12.15 - Liam finishes guitar overdubs

12.16 - FAG BREAK (delicious bastards)

12.45 - Construction of the vocal booth begins

12.46 - For Liam construction of the vocal booth ends after finding this guy


3.30 - vocals now in place. I dont know what its like for other bands but this is really one of the great parts of recording vocals when keith Jen and Elliott (not me cuz i'm tone-deaf) come up with harmonies for certain bits.

3.45 - FAG BREAK

4.00 - Armed with a selection of crisps we watch the end of the F1 qualifying. Keith makes joke about Fernando Alonso getting "The Pole"

4.08 - Keith asks which of the presenters is "Jeff Honeycomb" to which Jen replies "Thats JAKE HUMPHREY on the left there"

5.00 - We decide to put a spoke word monologue into the bridge of the song, after some time rummaging for vocal samples Elliott asks if Keith can do one then without any shred of irony he asks Keith if he can "do an American accent". Cue roars of laughter

5.38 - I count my Space Hopper injuries, it totals at three the worst one being when I fell backwards off him and into a gutitar stand when Elliott refused to break my fall. (GIT)

6.00 - We write and record Glockenspiel parts in an effort to make the song more twee.


6.51 - We all stand around and listen to the song whilst grinning at each other.If anyone has ever be to a studio with a band when they have all their tracks down there is this moment when they are listing to it and all looking at each other as if to say "Fuck Yeah". Its a great moment.

6.52 - Keith describes the song as "A love song on Crack"

6.54 - FAG BREAK

6.58 - Another song listen (cue more inane grinning)

7.00 - A wrap. All there is now s to get it mixed and then released as a double A-side single with Everything Ever

Friday, 17 September 2010

Retaining dignity

After playing Artsfest the weekend ive come to study pics of people with bands and how to achieve the perfect balance

These guys all seem to have it down on how to pose for pics with people (even the guy from All Time Low with his Orange face and character from Garfield eyes)
They maintain a sense of dignity and respect that says "Yeah no big deal"




However Liam Cole from Kidnapper Bell falls short as not only does he look overjoyed that someone is actually talking to him he grasps the opportunity to get infront of the camera with both hands in the manner of a simpleton!!