Thursday, 30 December 2010

Desert Island Disks

Jen made a few Desert Island style compilation CDs the other day for some people she knows,

Its got me thinking. I made a list of songs, however compiling a Desert Island disk is a hell of a lot different from doing a comp cd for someone.


1. These have to be songs that you have always loved and will continue to love
2. These have to be songs that if someone said you could never hear these songs again you would be most upset
3. Ten Songs

I think I short-listed about 30 songs but finally got it down to ten

Some of my dilemmas are;

1. I would like either Atmosphere or Love Will Tear Us Apart By Joy Division, I would also like Crystal Or Blue Monday By New Order. I would also like Getting Away With It By Electronic.
Theres three bands that are all connected to New Order Joy Division and also feature Bernard Summer

2. I would like a Post Rock song on there since Post Rock has influenced me and been a big part of my life for years. As far as i'm concerned there are 2 Post Rock songs that are seminal

Mogwai - Fear Satan
Mono - The Kidnapper Bell



Here are the ten Desert Island Disks songs that I consider seminal in my life, These are songs I cant live without and will love forever!

The names are click able and will take you to the song should you want to hear them!

1. Grammatics - Relentless Fours

2. REM - Man On The Moon

3. Owl City - Fireflies

4. Fountains Of Wayne - Hey Julie

5. Spin Doctors - Two Princes

6. Take That - Never Forget

7. The National - Fake Empire

8. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hysteric

8. New Order - Crystal

10. Mono - The Kidnapper Bell

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  1. Really interesting blog, and a great choice of songs (although I must admit a little surprise at seeing Take That, but I'm not one to impeach).

    I had a go at doing this myself but I found it impossible to get a perfect 10. It was either 18 or 7, or maybe 11 etc, etc.
    Also, I had a similar dilemma to your Joy Division one but with Pixies and Blur. 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' would've been on my list for sure, though. Thumbs up also for Fake Empire, pure genius. Boxer - what an album!

    I saw somebody comment on the Facebook post of this talking about bands who had split up before really establishing themselves - which is very relevant to my attempted list as I considered the likes of Colour, Blakfish and Meet Me In St. Louis to name but a few.

    I love lists like this, keep 'em coming.