Sunday, 13 February 2011

I am a PR Machine!

I sometimes wonder how bands got signed in the days of Joy Division.

I would imagine in the most pure way possible, by playing shows and creating a buzz. I cant believe how much the music industry has changed over the past few years.

Incase you didn't know we have a new double A-side single out in March

We are taking preorders here

You can listen to both tracks here

How does a band like us get this facking single into peoples ears do you ask?

I tell you.

Since we announced the single we have had a flurry (3) of emails from P.R companies asking if we need any promotion done for the single.

When we first started out we did pay a PR company £250 pounds and sent them about 100 cds to promote to their contacts.
They typed us up a (poorly written) press pack and sent our cd out to various online sites.
But because we had already done a lot of the legwork in sending out our cds ourselves some less observant websites cave us two seperate reviews.

I would hate for the reader to think that i'm making out P.R companies to be an evil in the music industry, indeed like bands there are good ones and bad ones, the ones that are good use their contacts and only work with bands they work with in order to claim some sense of pride in the material they send out!

indeed here is a good one

All i'm saying is reeeeaaalllly given the right amount of time (and lurking on other peoples websites) theres no reason why a band putting their first cd out cant make a killing with countless reviews if their material is good!

Take a look at our Hotmail Outbox for instance

While it may not be considered Punk to trawl through websites asking people to give you time of day, its an awesome feeling when people write back and say not only that they like it but will also take the time to write words about it.


  1. And here is one such review!

  2. this deserves much credit, if only less bands stopped paying shitty pr companies!