Monday, 6 December 2010


The reason for this blog is really to say thanks to Keith who seems to have taken over management of the band over the last few months.

Its been a tricky year this year. I think we have spent a lot of time honing our sound and attempted to write poppier songs, it seems to have worked as people seem to refer to us as a pop band rather than a hardcore band(I dont think we were ever Hardcore).

Plus as we haven't had anything released this year (mainly due to not really finding our sound recording wise) its been a pain as we have had nothing to promote which is especially frustrating for the likes of me a person who thrives on finding webzines/reviewer pages and then posting them promos.

Actually on the subject of promos someone told me there are a few of ours on Ebay


I saw one that sold a while ago of our first EP, the packaging of which was made out of wallpaper and wax sealed. I'm sure it said something along the lines of "sold out LTD edition Kidnapper Bell EP"


While it is true that there are no more left I still have the wallpaper used to make the cases (its a lovely red/blue from Home-base. A bargain quite frankly) I can knock one up in 30 mins.

Anyway i'm drifting off topic again!

Next Feb will see the release of our single Mouthful Of Pennies/Falling & Laughing, with special packaging and goodies to go along with it as well as gigs aplenty.

Another thanks to Keith who has been sending out emails aplenty in my absence.

Next year will be the year we make the people who dont know about us care about us!


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  1. We care about you and we can't wait for the new single to come out to start promoting it! And I will need to come up to see you so I can interview you all for my blog :-)x