Monday, 30 May 2011

Whats been happening.

Hello everyone (that reads my musings)

So you may be wondering whats been happening with us over the past few weeks.

Well. Me Jen and Keith have been writing songs. They are songs of a different style to that of what people would expect of Kidnapper Bell.

Obviously we are not going to radically alter the way we write songs and turn into an octopus of self indulgence. I still want to write songs that people want to listen to and that wouldn't sound out of place on the radio.

For me personally the last few months we rehearsed as a four piece I felt trapped within a sound and that it was important that we wrote these angular pop songs, which is all well and good. but when it becomes the only type of music you write then a certain part of you can feel trapped.

Plus it seemed like three of us were on the same page and one of us was not. I wont witter on about stuff I've already banged on about though.

Secondly here is a picture to illustrate my next point.

THIS is a picture of Salmon swimming upstream. Its the only analogy I can use that describes being in a band in this day and age.

You are constantly fighting against a never ending tide in order to get people interested in you.It can feel like constantly swimming upstream at times.I feel that its sad that bands can no longer be just bands in this day and age, they also have to be shark-like businessmen too.

After three years, basically I became (for want of better words) Burnt Out from constantly plugging,gig arranging and general asking people to listen to us. Luckily Keith stepped in and took over in that department. And we had help from friends in the plugging dept.

That combined with the fact that rehearsals became rubbish started to grate on me.Plus I started to come up with songs that I thought I could use for something else.
Some people that play music prefer to spread themselves as thinly as possible over as many bands as they can. I am a firm believer that if you are in just one band that gives you creative freedom and you respect each others opinions then theres no reason to be in another band. I know for a fact I am in a band with the most talented people I ever have been. And I can give 100% to it.


So basically what i'm saying is that the last few weeks of songwriting have been a refreshing eyeopener. Its been great. No pressure and reeeeaallly creative!

We have taken a step back from trying to make people listen to us and have just locked ourselves away and started writing songs in the studio.

For the first time in a while I feel inspired to push myself forward as a "musician" and I feel that our new songs will be our best yet!

Plus it seems to be taking us a lot less time to write songs while being no less meticulous.

As we are writing songs from the studio rather than in a rehearsal room when we take it live we will almost certainly need another member. All in good time though.



I feel that this blog has a certain sense of "Christ hes taking himself seriously here"


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